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Imagine you are the Captain of a boat sailing on the sea - navigating through whatever comes their way - sometimes sailing on choppy waters and sometimes sailing on placid, gentle waves. All boats move in concert with the waters they sail in. Somethings you can't control - the weather, for instance, or other boats sailing the same sea. But a good Captain can control some things.

  •  Set your destination - identify your journey goals clearly

  • Keep your vessel in a seaworthy shape  - diarise some daily activities that keep you fit and well and prepared for the day ahead

  • Check your compass - how well are you doing? Still sailing towards your goals? Do you need to make any adjustments?

  • Prepare for stormy seas and emergencies - plan in advance your coping strategies

  • Be aware of your glorious sails and the strengths you capture within them. Unfurl those sails to help you on your journey


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